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Radio: Do Electric Lawn Mowers Cut It?

They've been around for years, but electric lawn mowers never quite caught on. That may be changing, though, as electric equipment makers add more muscle, beefier batteries, and other performance-enhancing features.

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Should you consider getting one? Maybe. Electric mowers boast a range of benefits. For one thing, they're quieter than gas models and for another, they don't spew fumes. One more advantage: Electric lawn tools require relatively little maintenance-no spark plug replacements, no oil changes, no gasoline refills.

But that's not to say electric mowers don't have any drawbacks. As you might expect, performance depends on the battery charge. As the battery drains, power decreases. That means if you have a large yard (half acre or more), you may be frustrated by having to pause midway through to recharge the battery (or swap in a backup). Also note that mowing sloped terrain puts a big drain on mower batteries. Small, level yards are ideal.

Finally, consider the height and thickness of the grass you need to cut. If it's any wilder than typical suburban lawn grass, you're likely to need a brawnier, gas-powered machine.

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