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Radio: Replace Rot-Damaged Trim ASAP

Exterior trim performs a couple of roles. Besides adding a decorative touch, it seals up corners and edges to keep out moisture. Given the exposure it gets from the weather, there's no wonder that over time, it's prone to damage from rot.

Listen to ON REPLACING ROTTED TRIM or read the text below:

To protect your home from further, non-cosmetic damage, check the condition of house trim regularly. Pay special attention to the top and bottom ends, as that's where water seep in most. If you see rot in one spot, it's best to replace the entire board. You can always save the undamaged sections for future repair jobs.

Once you've cut the new trim to size, apply a coat of primer to all sides, including the back and the ends. Use galvanized nails to fasten the new board into place, then finish off with at least two coats of a high-quality exterior paint.

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